An aluminium window from Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products provides good looks and extra strength thanks to its unique manufacturing method from one of the leading Windows systems in Australia.

Thanks to Townsville’s professional team you can enjoy the added benefits of having all your windows manufactured in the strength of aluminium. Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products offer a selection of aluminium extrusions, ranging from 100mm Commercial frame to the standard Domestic frame which can be powder coated in a myriad of tropical colours. These high quality frames can be manufactured to suit all thicknesses of glass to suit all environmental conditions and local legislations. Your choice of clear, coloured or obscure glass enables Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products to manufacture a product that will blend perfectly with any North Queensland lifestyle.

When building or renovating you can choose the traditional sliders for strength and practicality, or if you prefer, you can select our double hung, casement or even the awning style which feature support stays or even can be made as chain driven.

Whatever style suits your building application or personal preference you’ll have real peace of mind knowing that your entire aluminium window needs have been covered.

Louvres have long been a favorite in North Queensland. Thanks to a long standing association with Breezway Australia,, All Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products louvres are manufactured to the highest possible standard in either a 52mm or 131mm frame sizes. They can be powder coated in your preferred designer color, with matching clips and your choice of blades can range from clear glass, coloured or obscure glass, timber or aluminium blades in a thickness to match the environmental application.

As a value added bonus all Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products louvres can be manufactured using the modern timber look designs or, if you prefer, they can be supplied with real timber blades up to 152mm width to maximize our great North Queensland breeze.

Optimum Energy Efficiency
Stylish and versatile, louvre windows are ideal for cooling your home naturally. Positioned strategically throughout a home you can utilise natural cross airflows to cool interiors without the aid of air-conditioners. Control the direction and strength of air entering your home by adjusting the angle of the blades. They can also be left open in light rain or closed securely to prevent draughts in cooler weather. For more information please visit

Screen Options
For those with high exposure to insects or looking for extra security, flyscreens, barrier screens or the high quality Supa Screen can be fitted externally to deter pests and unwanted visitors entering your home.

Awning Windows
Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products high performance awning windows have the option to look either retro or modern.

Our awning windows are high performing, from both a thermal and acoustic perspective due to a true full perimeter seal around the sash. Sashes can be single or double glazed and keyed locks are also available, as are chain winder handles.

A wide range of structural and water performance options are also available to further enhance the awning windows’ capabilities. The awning window has various sized frames and can integrate with doors, sliding windows, double hung and fixed windows with seamless transition. Most configurations can also be insect or security screened

Double Hung Windows
Our practical double hung window are available in multiple frame sizes and are clean in appearance and suitable for all design types including heritage or modern constructions.

The double hung window can also be integrated into commercial framing. Keyed locks are an available option and are easy to fit with insect or security screens.

The double hung window can be configured in multiple units and as it is sound in both structural and water performance it is suitable for all types of design. As both top and bottom sashes are operational this design lends itself to excellent ventilation, while also having the ability to use performance glass making it a good all round thermally efficient window.

Fixed Light Windows
Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products high performance, versatile and adaptable fixed light windows offer enormous design flexibility for residential and commercial projects.

The fixed light commercial window framing system has set the standard for centre glazed framing for over two decades. With an aesthetically balanced look and the option of bevelled or square finishes, it is the most versatile and adaptable framing system in the range.

With a multitude of compatible window and door suites, it offers enormous design flexibility making this product ideal for residential and commercial projects that require a bold modern look and high levels of structural performance.

Servery Windows
Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products premium quality servery windows are perfect for entertaining, opening areas to the outdoors with little effort.

Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products range of servery windows has been designed to deliver a premium level of quality, performance and style in architectural aluminium design. Come in and talk to our team about the best option to suit your lift style.