Shower Screens
Complement any new or existing home with a custom made shower screen from Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products. We can provide a top quality product with the personal touch ranging from fully framed, semi-frameless and of course frameless which looks great in any home. Top quality fittings and vinyl’s make for a perfect finish.

Complement any room in your house with mirrors made by Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products, great for that finishing touch in bathrooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products can provide that perfect custom made mirror with a personal touch. If you like the look of a framed mirror you will love the flat polished edge finish or beveled edge finish, it’s the perfectly finished mirror without a frame.

Wardrobe Doors
Wardrobe doors are great for hiding that clutter that you haven’t quite had the chance to remove or tidy up. Wardrode doors are also great for adding a mirror to a bed room or a pantry cupboard in the kitchen for easy access. Mirror doors on wardrobes are great for making a small room look that little bit bigger, not to mention freeing up the bathroom with teenagers heading out on Saturday night.
Well Hung Glass and Aluminium Products can also provide hard wearing Gyprock panels which are coated in a range of vinyl colours or left plain to be painted to match your wall colour.